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Foundation Year - History

The Library of Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) operates since 2002 and maintains the library collections of major Greek banks, which are absorbed by Piraeus Bank.

Who can access the Library

The library of PIOP is open to the public and there is reading hall on the ground floor of the building. The Library serves the users not only at the reading room, but also via new technologies. Loaning is allowed only for the staff of Piraeus Bank Group and the process depends on the material type. Books are loaned for fifteen days, while magazines and reference books –dictionaries, encyclopaedias and other reference books- cannot be loaned. Special collections have a different loaning policy depending on the item’s condition.

Specialized subject areas

The Library possesses titles relating to the fields of research and action of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, but also of the Piraeus Bank Group. It covers topics of industrial archaeology, economic and social history, history of technology, geotechnical and environmental issues, museology, cultural management, anthropology, folklore, ethnology, as well as financial, banking and economic subjects, agricultural economy and policy.


The Library consists of the main book collection, the collection of magazines and special collections. The collections are divided into those that are accessible via the integrated library management system and those that are only accessible through Library’s Card Catalogue.

The collection is increased by the Library’s annual budget, donations from other institutions, organizations and individuals, as well as material from Piraeus Bank Group.

There are special collections, which include material from the late 19th century.


The Reading room has six (6) places for the public and it operates during the library schedule, from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:00. There are also two workstations for the users and there is internet access (Wi-Fi).

PIOP Library has also Children’s Department, where the educational programs of PIOP are implemented and book exhibitions, book reviews, as well as educational activities in collaboration with other stakeholders are also taken place.

Special Collections & Services

In the electronic databases of the Library, primary data are collected from the results of research projects that are supported and coordinated by PIOP.

Services to other HE.L.I.N. members and their users

Although the library is non-lending for the public, interlibrary loan services are available for H.E.LI.N. members.


The library staff consists of specialized librarians.