Mission - objectives
The mission of the Network is to promote cooperation among the member libraries, with the consent and support of their administrations, in order to exchange services and resources related to their collections and sources with economic content. The ultimate goal of the member libraries is to provide higher quality and more effective services to their user communities Objectives

The principal objective of collaboration through the Network is to continue providing value-added services to its readers within the framework of each institution's capabilities, despite the difficult economic conditions in Greece currently.

The principal objective is made up of the following goals:

  • 01Information services from all the member libraries to the users of all whole Network,
  • 02Interlibrary loan of printed material (books and journal articles) and usage of electronic sources according to contracts that each library has signed with its database providers,
  • 03Investigation into a possible joint purchase of electronic sources that are of common interest to the Network,
  • 04A common policy for the development of the collections,
  • 05Addition of new members in the Network following discussions with them and taking into consideration the benefits of the project for everyone.
The goals will be achieved with a series of actions, including:

  • 01Access of H.E.LI.N member libraries' users to the services that each library provides to its users (ex. flexibility in borrowing and interlibrary loan of books and articles).
  • 02Use of a common logo.
  • 03A common catalog of printed journals, which will be updated by the member libraries. The catalog will be used for the information of member libraries' users. It will also be used to develop a common policy for the acquisition of journal titles and publications in order to eliminate overlapping titles. This will result in a savings of financial resources because duplicate subscriptions within the Network will be substantially reduced.
  • 04Comprehensive development of topics by library as well as extensive coverage of related Greek and international bibliographies regarding specific fields in the science of Economics.
  • 05Exchange of views and information between members about topics of common interest. These topics which include intellectual property rights, terms and conditions for database usage, quality and content of sources, and evaluation of supplier services are of vital concern to all members.
  • 06Development of communication tools for Network members, such as informational pamphlets, website, mailing lists, Wikis.
  • 07Negotiations for electronic sources and sector studies with suppliers that are common to the member libraries in order to reduce very high costs. Future plans include examining the possible purchase of electronic sources through the H.E.LI.N. Network. Right now, this possibility is being examined as regards the suppliers. In the next stage, it will be determined if this action is feasible for the organizations / institutions to which the member libraries belong within the framework of their administrative and financial policies.
  • 08Joint presence of H.E.LI.N. member libraries at conferences and meetings in order to promote the work and vision of the Network and the institutions represented in the Network.